Water & Sewer Mains

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CNJ Home Services’ licensed professional plumbers are experts in water main and sewer main installations and repairs.  Let our courteous pros get the job done for you right the first time!

Sewer Main

A properly functioning main sewer line should never back up. If you are in a need of constant drain openings you may have a problem. Obstructions and pipe deterioration are the main reasons for sewer line backups. Obstructions could be from a partial or full collapsed pipe due to root penetration from shrubs or trees or shifting soil from frozen ground or sub surface disturbances.

Water Main
There’s no way to predict and, consequently, prepare for a water main break, so when faced with one, homeowners are often left with quite a mess to deal with. But before they begin cleaning up, the break needs to be fixed, which can become a problem unto itself.

While there are certainly a few specialists in Monmouth County who can help residents with the issue, no one will get to their homes quicker and do a better job of resolving the problem than CNJ Home Services.

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